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About Us

King Awnings LLC is the preferred Commercial Awning manufacturer Nationwide, we are a leading retailer for retractable and stationary awning systems, pergolas, zip systems & metal canopies for five main reasons:

Excellent Support & Service
Superior-Quality & Unique Products.
Affordable prices for Commercial Applications.
Expertise & Personnel to complete any style of awning or canopy throughout the United States.
Deadline Awareness

King Awnings LLC is committed to a family tradition of, quality products and personalized service.

King Awnings LLC has proudly manufactured, installed, and shipped beautiful, durable retractable and stationary awnings as well as other sun, wind, rain, and snow protection systems to a diverse clientele.

Our customers include restaurant owners, business owners, designers, architects, engineers, general contractors & more!

King Awnings LLC has installed thousands of retractable awning systems, metal canopies & drop curtains along with other exterior sun, wind, rain, and snow protection systems nationwide.

We have an established trade network of the finest domestic and international suppliers & contractors to provide the best available retractable awning, and metal canopy systems components in a variety of designs, styles, options, and accessories, and complexities. We provide an overwhelming variety of Awning styles, fabric & frame colors.

King Awnings LLC is family-owned and operated, with over 26 years of combined experience in the Awning industry. Our goal is to bring the best of our experience and passion to our customers every day!

Find Your Perfect Stationary or Retractable Awning System Today!