Commercial Awnings

Commercial awnings increase visibility, enhance image and assist in long-term business branding. Your awnings is typically the first thing customers and clients see when approaching your business. A substantial, well-constructed awnings with crisp, professional custom graphics says you mean business in a lasting and meaningful way. Every awnings is custom manufactured to exact specifications to ensure structural integrity, clean lines and perfect fit.

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Energy Saving

Sunlight generates heat in a room, particularly in south- or west-facing rooms. Retractable awnings as well as Stationary awnings work by shading the exterior windows and doors, cut the light before it enters the room, which can reduce interior heat by 77% (the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers or ASHRAE). Reducing the heat in a room with awnings can reduce air conditioning use – and energy bills – by almost 25%.


Our Awnings provide a high protection from sun, UV rays and sun’s rays; ideal for sunroom. In summer retractable awnings are the ideal solution for tourist businesses such as restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, sunrooms and holiday camps.


By covering an open space with a Retractable awnings, you could dine in the open air and totally relax. We provide a specially designed, Wind sensor, which proves to be ideal for restaurants on the Hudson River, San Francisco Bay, any open-aired lounges, and restaurants while leaning on the swimming pool edge.

Rain and Dampness

With our retractable enclosures and retractable awnings you can enjoy the cool air during the summer evenings without fearing sudden showers and dampness. Moreover, they prove to be useful in expanding the space of your restaurant lounges while dinning.