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Commercial Metal Canopies

Amplify Your Business Potential with Nationwide Commercial Metal Canopies by King Awnings LLC

At King Awnings LLC, we specialize in providing nationwide service of top-tier commercial metal canopies, professionally installed nationwide.

Our commercial metal canopies are marvels of excellent durability. Weather-resistant & robust, these canopies are built to last & serve your business over an extended period.

With King Awnings LLC, you’re investing in a dependable canopy solution.


Tailored to Your Taste

Enjoy the comfort of customizing your commercial metal canopies for your business.

Choose your style, size, design, and color – we’ve got you covered, literally!

Eye-catching Appeal

Our commercial metal canopies are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Their sophisticated and modern design adds a compelling visual element to your commercial space – impressing all who witness it.


Quality Materials & Superior Craftsmanship

King Awnings LLC works with businesses nationwide to create the perfect look for your brand.
Our awnings have been installed coast to coast. Please take a look at our gallery of clients nationwide.

Energy Efficient & Eco-friendly


Commercial Metal Canopies are great for:

Our commercial metal canopies contribute significantly to energy efficiency.

By reducing solar heat gain, they lower your air conditioning use during the hot months, leading to considerable energy savings and a smaller carbon footprint.

Enjoy peace of mind & minimal disruption to your business with our nationwide installation services, expert engineering, & permit expediting to ensure a hassle-free, smooth installation process.

Our Trusted Partners


Contact us today and let us boost your business image and operational possibilities with our outstanding commercial metal canopies.