Frequently Asked Questions

What maintenance does a retractable awning required?
Retractable awnings from King Awnings are essentially maintenance-free. Simply wash the awning fabric, with fabric manufactures recommended awning fabric cleaner and protectant. King Awnings also offers a cleaning service!

Can I partially open a retractable awning or drop awning, or do they need to be opened to their full extension?
Any lateral-arm or drop-screen retractable awnings can be stopped at any position up to the full projection.

How do I operate my retractable awnings?
Our most popular awning operating system uses a motor installed in the awning’s drive tube with an outdoor waterproof switch, which makes it exceptionally easy to retract and extend awnings. Using a motor also allows the awning to utilize wind, sun, rain, and motion sensors and timers to automatically extend and retract awnings according to your program or preset rules, like closing the awning during rain or automatically extending it at sunrise and closing it at sundown.

How much wind can the retractable awnings withstand?
Retractable awnings are for sun protection, not wind protection; they are engineered for winds up to 35 mph, depending on the size of the retractable awnings. A good guideline is that if it is too windy for you to comfortably sit under the retractable awnings, then the retractable awnings should be retracted.

Can retractable awnings be used in the rain?
Retractable awnings are designed for sun protection; they cannot handle the weight from rain or from other precipitation, like snow. Large amounts of rain can pool on the fabric and damage the fabric or the frame. However, if a retractable awning is installed with at least the minimum recommended pitch, you can use the awning in light rain.

Do I need to remove my retractable awnings in winter?
No. However, the awning fabric can still get sun damage, and the weight from snow or ice can damage the frame. We highly recommend purchasing the optional hood for our lateral-arm awnings to prevent wear from the elements since both snow and sun affect the hood rather than the awning.

Do I have to have a motor for a retractable awning?
You do not have to have a motor for a retractable awning, and most of our sun protection systems have manual pulls. However, a motor allows you to completely automate extending and retracting the awning based on timers or sensor settings for rain, wind, or sun. This convenience significantly increases the likelihood that you will use your retractable awning; research shows that customers are four times more likely to use a motorized awning than a manual one.

What happens if there is a power outage in my area, and my retractable awnings are motorized?
If there is a power outage, the motorized awning won’t work the same as other electrical appliances. King Awnings, Inc. does provide a manual option for any style of retractable awning, so your awning can be retracted even in an outage or without its motor and control options. We highly recommend getting the manual override option so that the awning can be closed during a thunderstorm and not be damaged.

Will the remote for the awning operate the awning from inside?
Motorized retractable awnings use a radio frequency remote control, not an infrared remote which is typically used for other household appliances like the TV remote. This means that the signal can go through walls, so your retractable awning can be moved from indoors or outdoors. You do not need line of sight to operate our retractable awnings because the signal will travel through glass and walls, which is a convenience for multi-level homes or buildings.

Fabric Questions Sunbrella Awnings

Which of your fabric manufacturers offers the best quality fabric?
We use solution-dyed acrylic fabrics from premier suppliers like Sunbrella and Dickson which all offer equal quality materials. We offer many fabric colors from the largest solution-dyed acrylic manufacturers in the world simply to provide our customers with the widest possible choice of color and design options.

What type of fabric is used on your retractable awnings, and how long will it last?
We use only solution-dyed acrylics – not cotton canvas or vinyl – for our retractable awnings. Solution-dyed fabrics last for 8 to 10 years without fading, rotting, or wearing; these are the same materials used on boats, high-quality outdoor patio furniture, and other things which are in the sun all day. King Awnings, Inc. will also help you extend the life of your Sunbrella fabric, with a maintenance program.

How do I choose fabric for my retractable awnings?
We offer a selection of hundreds of solution-dyed acrylic fabrics from the U.S.A Sunbrella, representing the largest manufacturers in the world.

How do I clean the awning fabric?
King Awnings, Inc. recommends contracting a professional awning cleaning company with several years of awning cleaning experience, King Awnings, Inc. also has a maintenance team!

Never powerwash your fabric! it will void the warranty!
Never spray the motor with a hose or pressure washer when you are cleaning the fabric because that forces water inside the motor. This damages the motor, which is not covered under warranty.

Purchasing Questions

What is the warranty on the retractable awnings frame?
The frame on all of our retractable awnings models is warranties for 7 years from the date of purchase.

How much do retractable awnings cost?
The prices vary depending on the size, style, and accessories, Please contact us for more details.

Will I save money on air conditioning?
Yes, you will save money on your air conditioning bills. According to a study by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), awnings reduce interior heat by up to 77% during the day, which significantly decreases your energy costs.

Why should I order my retractable awnings from King Awnings?
King Awnings has over 20 years’ experience manufacturing and installing retractable awnings.

We are constantly searching for the very best quality product suppliers in the world for our awning components, from new designs to new fabric options.

Over 70% of our business is from repeat customers or referrals. We strive to give our customers the highest quality awning product they can get from anywhere, and it shows.

We are proud of our reputation and want total customer satisfaction from past, present and all future customers.

How long does it take to ship my order?
It usually takes between three and four weeks to ship your order from the purchase date.

How much is shipping?
The shipping cost is based on the type of awning, the size and weight of the awning, and the destination. For orders outside of the continental US, contact us for an accurate shipping cost estimate.