Our Vision and Mission

VISION: Every residential & commercial property Nationwide should have some sort of exterior sun and rain protection system.

MISSION: To solve complex sun, ultraviolet ray (UV), and glare and heat problems for residential homeowners, builders, architects, building managers and interior designers Nationwide.

At King Awnings, we’re tackling complexity through system design and engineering technology including our exclusive 3D visualization imagery and automation of our retractable awning sun protection systems.

EXPERIENCE: Almost two decades on the forefront of exterior sun protection systems.

From day one, all our sun protection systems included state of the art technology. We provide breakthroughs that change the way people live and operate their business.


UNDERSTANDING: The know-how to meet your residential and commercial challenges.

In virtually every State and Country –from residential homes to office and industrial buildings –King Awnings is helping homeowners & companies dramatically reduce the amount of heat, glare, UV rays and sun which in turn lowers the electrical cost. We understand the critical heat issues you face every day, and we offer proven products and comprehensive services to take your home or business where you want it to go–to a new level of heat, glare, sun and UV protection.

INNOVATION: High end technology and engineering including state of the art Kevlar arms tested to 40,000 cycles, wind sensors, sun sensors, rain sensors, timers, switches, gang controls, crank adjustable pitch, arm lowering kits and override motor systems in case of loss of electrical power.

A full range of products and services dedicated to one thing–making you more comfortable.

COOPERATION: Bringing together the best solutions and the best people.

As unique as our product line is, we recognize that no single supplier of sun protection systems can be all things to all people. That’s why we’ve established long-standing relationships with homeowners leading architects, general contractors and interior designers nationwide.

COMMITMENT: Quality services and support.

At King Awnings,we stand ready to help you install, test and use your retractable sun protection systems that will translate into a real advantage. Our professional sun protection systems experts will provide single-point-of-contact solutions to fit your needs. And, we’re committed to fast response. Our world-class team provides support on an ongoing basis if needed.